An Integrated treatment system. Breakage, Mixing, shredding, and sterilizing are to be carried out in the same vessel. The process from the beginning of the cycle to discharging must be completely automatic with an automatic lifting platform for easy waste loading.

Ability to Process Medical Waste like:

  • Plastic Materials
  • Glass Materials
  • Single-use surgical instruments and materials
  • PPE Material
  • Contaminated Sharps
  • Hemo dialysis Wastes
  • Blood Bags, Urine Bags
  • Anatomical and Pathological Wastes including Placentas,… etc
  • Paper, cotton and rubber disposals etc

Operational Functionalities:

Must be integrated system in a single closed vessel where breakage, mixing, shredding, and sterilizing is carried out.

Waste Volume Reduction: 70% – 80%

Waste Weight Reduction: 20% – 30%

It is equipped with automated system controls and alarms for overloading, overheating and/or other critical operating parameters.
list of control and alarm systems available in machines are

  1. Over load
  2. Low water level
  3. High water level.
  4. Pressure
  5. Jam in shredder

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